about laurie roddick

After 25 years as a landscape architect in New Mexico, I moved to the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado and developed my self-taught art form. Surrounded and inspired by Telluride's high peaks and abundant wildlife, I create unique handmade tables and wall art featuring nature scenes and related graphic art intricately glazed onto tile. 

A life-long habit of prioritizing time in the wilderness has resulted in a number of treasured wildlife encounters, including mistaking a large bear for a person during a stroll on a very dark night. My art is inspired by these gentle encounters, my deep admiration of wild places, and my tendency to romanticize the West. This work celebrates wilderness and wildness, and honors wildlife. It is important to me to donate a portion of each sale to benefit wildlife habitat. 

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dedication to wildlife habitat preservation

A significant percentage of each sale is donated to benefit wildlife conservation, both regionally and globally. Unspoiled wilderness and wildlife is a rapidly disappearing precious resource. The reasons are many: displacement from habitat by increasing human activity, illegal and "legal" hunting of endangered species, illegal poaching, the horrors of the wild animal trade, and incidental conflicts between wildlife and humans. If we bother to care, we can make a difference. Today, for example, the humpback whale population is rebounding from near extinction due to people communicating to their governments. We must fight to retain and protect all species of wildlife and especially wildlife habitat.

The percentage donated from net proceeds of each sale is 35%, and some pieces will occasionally be featured as a 100% donation to habitat preservation.  Charities earmarked for these donations are Wild Earth Guardians, operating in the American West and Southwest, and Wildlife Conservation Network, which operates on a global basis.  A third is the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust of Kenya.